UABI grants accreditation as per ISO 17034 for Reference Material Producer

Accreditation is granted as per ISO 17034:2016 for “General requirement for the Competence of Reference Material Producers”.

UABI covers the following groups in their accreditation schemes and are committed to take up new groups in future:

  • Chemical Composition {metals, organic and in-organic reference material, environmental reference material, health and hygiene, gases, forensic reference material}.
  • Engineering Properties {size, NDT, hardness, impact toughness, tensile strength, elongation, elasticity}
  • Physical Properties {Physiochemical properties, optical properties, electrical, thermodynamics, radioactivity etc}
  • Biological and clinical properties {General medicine, bacteriology, immunology, virology etc.}

For classification of groups kindly refer UABI 400(B) for more information on classification of groups and products. For more information drop us query on