• Accreditation as per ISO 17025:2017 {Testing and Calibration services}
  • Accreditation as per ISO 17034:2016 {Reference Materail Producers}
  • Accreditation as per ISO 17043:2010 { Proficiency Testing Providers}
  • Certifcation services as per ISO 9001:2015 {Quality Management System}

  • To strive for the objective of one certificate/testing and calibration report accepted worldwide.
  • To provide confidence for customers, regulators in the market to the conformity assessment bodies (CABs).
  • To support the globalization process and prosperity of business in INDIA.
Why Choose Us?
Our Mission

Contribute to national economic development by encouraging best practices and improving technical competence in testing and measurement.
Increase confidence in conformity assessment, and Promote the national conformity assessment system at home and abroad.

Our Vision

To assist the overall development of INDIA by improving its national capacity in testing and measurement, conformity assessments that strengthens, competition, consumer protection.